Stiegl-Hausbier Christkindl


Honey Amber Ale

Dressed in rich copper with red reflections and decorated with a snow-white foam crown, the “Christkindl” beer promises festive drinking pleasure. The multitude of aromas in the nose ranges from caramel to fine biscuit, blended with gentle honey tones. The mild taste of organic honey remains a predominating part all the way through the finish, albeit the composition is still astonishingly beery due to delicate hop tones and a fine recency effect. The palate will feel touched by the Christmas spirit up to the final sip.

Alcohol content: 
5,70% vol
Gravity in °Plato: 

Water, organic barley malt, organic wheat malt, organic honey (2%), organic hops, yeast

Type of beer: 
Craft Beer with honey
50 kcal
top fermentation
Available from/to: 
November to December
Alcohol: 3
Bitterness: 1