The Stiegl house beer Christkindl with locally sourced organic honey.


Today: Angelsville. Silent night, beery night!

Dressed in a deep copper with red highlights and a snow-white foam crown, 'Christkindl' promises festive pleasure. The variety of aromas on the nose range from caramel to delicate biscuit, blending together with compelling hints of honey. The mild taste of organic honey sets the tone well into the finish, while an astoundingly harmonious composition of delicate hoppy notes and a fine effervescence please the palate with a touch of Christmas.

The notes of Dr. Kiener: 

The brewing of honey beer has a long-standing tradition: a survey of Germanic drinking horns revealed that the Germanic people already used honey to refine their beer, brewed from emmer wheat and barley. Mead, the honey wine, which the gods of the Norse mythology already enjoyed, provided the inspiration for this beer. In the Middle Ages ingenious brewers found out that honey contains natural preserving agents. Thus they took advantage of this property to extend the shelf-life of their beer, which was brewed without hops in those days. Later on, to celebrate winter solstice, the Vikings brewed a ‘Christmas beer’ at the end of December. Whether they could enjoy it in a peaceful and harmonious time remains shrouded in mystery. 

Alcohol content: 
5,70% vol
Gravity in °Plato: 

water, organic barley malt, organic honey, organic hops, yeast

Type of beer: 
Speciality beer
Tips for drinking beer: 
Ideal serving temperature 7-9° C.
in selected catering establishments, in the Brewery Shop, Stiegl-beverage shops in Salzburg and online at
Available from/to: 
11/01/2018 to 12/31/2018
Alcohol: 3
Flavour: 3
Bitterness: 2