The perfect Stiegl house beer to keep you going during Lent: Zölibat

Zölibat - Fast Beer

From the monastery. Hallelujah!

This traditional beer is a blazing bright amber color with a proud head of foam. Its aroma reveals a finely balanced combination of fruit and spice notes. Its pleasant liveliness intensifies the complex taste impressions on the palate. A dry yet alcoholic finish releases the complex and varied aromas again - very gently with no sign of haste.


The notes of Dr. Kiener: 

"To be honest: The 40-day fasting period in the monastery could be worse. This may be due to the fact that in the 16th century the pope relaxed regulations and announced: LIQUIDA NON FRANGUNT IENUM. This means: LIQUIDS DO NOT BREAK THE FAST. From that point of view it was convenient that beer was formerly considered a staple food in monasteries. Thus divine inspiration was at work when the monks invented the nourishing Lenten beer. Praise to the Lord! Here I am sitting, feasting on the ‘liquid bread’, thereby feeding every cell in my body with the most vital nutrients. The hint of caramel harmonises well with the fine hop aroma in the finish. The particularly long shelf-life makes this beer a sought-after speciality during Lent. Anyway, beware of the alcohol content of 7.2% as the holy ghost has already appeared to many a monk."

Alcohol content: 
8,20% vol
Gravity in °Plato: 

water, organic barley malt, organic hops, yeast

Type of beer: 
Bock beer
Tips for drinking beer: 
Ideal serving temperature 8 - 10℃. The ‘Zölibat‘ (Lenten beer) is best served in a Stiegl mug. 
in selected catering establishments, in the Brewery Shop, Stiegl-beverage shops in Salzburg and online at
Available from/to: 
03/01/2018 to 04/30/2018
Alcohol: 5
Flavour: 4
Bitterness: 2