Faux Pas Apricot

When poured into the glass, this rarity releases a fizz of wonderfully fine bubbles. Below the slightly tinted foam, amber shimmers with orange reflections. The elegance of this beer shows in the  fruity fragrance of apricot, delicate apple and wood nuances.  More head-on is the very fresh first sip – a lively  zing that combines with cheeky acidity to conjure rosy cheeks in the drinker's face. Just like the taste of sun-ripened apricots, which swings through to the end, mirroring the multi-layered aromas obtained during barrel maturation.

Alcohol content: 
8,00% vol
Gravity in °Plato: 

Wasser, Gersten- und Weizenmalz, Schwarzhafer, Sauerkirschpüree, Hopfen, Hefe, Milchsäurekulturen

Type of beer: 
Kreativbier: fassgereiftes Sauerkirsch Starkbier
Available from/to: 
while stocks last
Alcohol: 4
Flavour: 3
Bitterness: 1