picture Wildshuter Flüx

Wildshuter Flüx

Wildshuter Aronia-Flüx

Made in our brewery and cold-cellar aged: Wildshuter Aronia-Flüx, our 100% natural lemonade from Stiegl-Gut Wildshut.The chestnut red colour reveals rich aromas of the dark fruits that are to follow. The natural cloudiness and delicately fruity scent leave you wanting more. The taste recalls red berries and black grapes mingled with a refreshing sparkle. A robust maltiness and natural, finely tuned acidity from the fermented barley malt complete the taste experience.

Wildshuter Zitronen-Flüx

Made in our brewery and cold-cellar aged: Wildshuter Zitronen-Flüx - our 100% natural lemonade. Its sunny yellow colour and a natural cloudiness fill your glass. The refreshing aroma emanates from oriental cardamon essential oil blended with the traditional citrus flavours. The refreshing hints of lemon and lime are enhanced by a delicate sparkle and intensified by a robust maltiness. Barley malt rounds off our lemonade with a natural, subtle acidity.