The Stiegl-Farm Wildshut with a cornfield in the foreground

The Stiegl-Farm Wildshut

“Diversity begins with the ingredients”

Visions grow on the Stiegl-Farm Wildshut

In a time when beers are becoming increasingly similar, Austria’s largest and leading private brewery successfully counters the trend. Stiegl boss Dr Heinrich Dieter Kiener focuses on the motto “pleasure in the (beer) diversity.” “Diversity begins with the ingredients,” according to Kiener.

As of recently a worldwide unique combination of a malthouse and a roasting house have stood in Wildshut.  “It is not the quantity that is important but the content,” says Kiener. “In our malthouse we can process our own home-grown ancient types of grains on site and produce unique special malts.

These are then used in our house beers.” A prime example for this is Wildshuter Sortenspiel. However in future we will be in a position to deliver Wildshut malt to small brewers and enthusiasts.

More beer-diversity and quality

Kiener is convinced that “the right investments reap returns.” His success proves him right. The Paracelsus Zwickl began as a regional house beer. In the meantime it is the market leader of Zwickl beers with a firm share in the Austrian retail sector.

"Velvety-smooth on the tongue and with a harmonious finish, the ‘Wildshuter Sortenspiel’ leaves a lasting impression."

— Stiegl-Gut Wildshut

In the past two years the Stiegl Weisse has also proved to be a real profit earner. This success story also started in the in-house brewery.

With the brewery’s own organic farm Stiegl can cover a small part of the required resources. The majority comes from Austrian farmers such as the EGZ farmers in Lower Austria or the hop farmers in Mühlviertel. With long-term purchasing contracts and fair prices the farmers are guaranteed a reliable income and are offered an incentive to continue cultivating malting barley and hops. “I am convinced that an Austrian brewery must afford the ‘luxury’ of relying on local partners and fair agreements.” By the way, Stiegl obtains all its raw materials from Austria.

At Stiegl, beer is still brewed in a traditional non-industrialised manner. This means that Stiegl uses brewing procedures handed down over time, still uses cold and unpressurised fermentation. Stiegl also provides long maturity and storage times for the beer and for more than 20 years has also guaranteed without compromise 12 degrees original wort in Stiegl Goldbräu

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