View of the Stieglbrauerei from outside, reflected in the water.

Experience the diverse beer culture

The 'Salzburg beer'

Experience the diverse beer culture

With the creation of a ‘Salzburg beer’, as the location of Austria’s largest ‘World of Beer’ and given the large number of breweries located here, Salzburg claims the title of ‘The Austrian Beer Capital’.

Stiegl hop maturing in the sun.

With a history spanning over more than 500 years, Stiegl plays a significant part in this beer culture given, among other things, the huge variety of beer it offers. In addition to the approximately twenty Stiegl beer types the Stiegl-Brauwelt’s ‘in-house’ brewery creates some interesting beer varieties such as the ‘Männerschokolade’, the ‘Zölibat’ or the ‘Gmahde Wiesn’.

These Stiegl ‘house beers’ are creative spicy concoctions with a diverse range of ingredients such as juniper berries, coriander, rye or, at Christmas, honey and cinnamon. 

Some of these beers are then brewed in the large brew house such as the Stiegl-Paracelsus-Zwickl which was first brewed as a ‘trial’ about ten years ago.

Fancy a Stiegl house beer creation? The Stiegl house beers are available in selected catering establishments, in the Stiegl Brewery Shop, in Stiegl beverage shops (Salzburg and Vienna) and in selected retail food stores such as Meinl am Graben (Vienna) and Merkur Hoher Markt (Vienna) as well as the 0.75 litre limited edition, non-returnable, bottle at the Stiegl online shop (

Publican of the Year

The ‘publican of the year’ competition has already become a tradition. This coveted award is presented each year in each province in the Stiegl Brauwelt. In collaboration with the Stiegl brewery, gourmet experts and publishers of the gourmet guide ’Wirtshausführer‘, Klaus Egle and Renate Wagner, choose the annual ‘publican of the year’.

Publicans of the Year 2009

Sittinger, Frauenkirchen
Zum Pumpe, Klagenfurt
Iuno, Münchendorf
Rösslwirt, Perg
Weidinger Stube, Abersee
Brauhaus, Mariazell
Stefan, Telfs
Messmer, Lochau
Quell, Reindorfgasse 19

Publicans of the Year 2010

Landgasthof Kappel, Holzschlag
Gasthof Moser, Villach
Landgasthaus Berndl, Krenstetten bei Aschbach
Gasthof Drachenwand, Mondsee
Restaurant Friesacher, Anif
Gasthaus Haberl, Ilz
Theaterhütte, Kufstein
Rankweiler Hof, Rankweil
Die Fabrik, 1120 Vienna

Publicans of the Year 2011

Gasthof Zum Burgenländer, Riedlingsdorf
Schloss-Restaurant Wolfsberg
Nibelungenhof, Gasthof zur Weintraube, Traismauer
Gasthaus Freiseder, Linz
Landgasthof Rechenwirt, Glasenbach
Hotel Post Karlon, Aflenz
s´ Pfandl, Reith bei Kitzbühel
Zu den Schobers im Gierster Bräu, 1120 Vienna

Publicans of the Year 2012

Wia z´Haus, Stegersbach
Metzgerwirt, Radenthein
Erber, Zelking
Klosterhof, Linz
Der Wiesenhof, Abersee
Gasthof Hensle, St. Gallen
Forellenhof, Leutasch
Gasthof Hüs Nr. 8, Lech am Arlberg
Figls, 1190 Vienna

Publicans of the Year 2013

Gasthof Treiber, Bad Tatzmannsdorf
Gasthof Gartenrast, Radenthein
Gasthof Pitterle, Kilb
Markterwirt, Altenmarkt
Metzgerwirt, Radkersburg
Gasthof Beim Dresch, Erl
Gasthof Lingg, Feldkirch
Stiegl-Ambulanz, 1090 Vienna
Klinger, Gaspoltshofen

Publicans of the Year 2014

Der Stadtwirt, Oberwart
Bierhaus zum Augustin, Klagenfurt 
Gasthaus zum Goldenen Schiff, Tulln an der Donau 
Wirtshaus zur Schießhalle, Linz
Gasthaus Adler, Golling 
Wippl´s Hofbergstubn, Riegersburg
Zum Tischlerwirt, Reith bei Kitzbühel 
Post Lech, Lech am Arlberg
Gastwirtschaft Huth

"Our in-house brewery is an experimental brewery for innovative beers. Here, we can take our time to conduct hands-on experiments and fine-tune recipes."

— Stiegl-Braumeister Christian Pöpperl
  • Stiegl-Goldbräu glasses sitting on a barrel in a field.

An independent team of experts from ‘Wo isst Österreich?’ travels through the country taking a close look at how a beer is pulled, what kind of glasses are used, the service and the culinary know-how related to beer as well as the selection of food accompanying the beer.

From the very beginning, the ‘publican of the year’ competition has been supported by Stiegl owner Dr Heinrich Dieter Kiener as Austria’s private brewery has been committed to preserving the beer culture in the country for decades. "We are delighted that the beer culture in Austria’s restaurants makes headway."

"Our partner Stiegl plays a vital part because in the brewery quality and personal support also have top priority," asserts Klaus Egle, one of the editors of ‘Wo isst Österreich?’.