The Kiener family in a cornfield checking the quality.

Austria's private brewery

It has been privately owned since the first recorded documental mention in 1492

The brewery’s success is inextricably linked with the name ‘Kiener’.

For more than 120 years the brewery has been owned by the Kiener family and since 1990 Dr Heinrich Dieter Kiener (III.) has been responsible for the company’s fortunes.

Dr Heinrich Dieter Kiener with his wife on a carriage.

During this period of time, Stiegl has developed from a small local brewery into Austria’s largest and most successful private brewery. Independent businessman, Dr Heinrich Dieter Kiener assumed responsibility and has developed a sound local economic structure with 700 secure workplaces throughout Austria.

Stiegl’s top priority is the use of local raw materials and a respectful use of natural resources. However, in everything they do, making customers, suppliers and employees feel appreciated is of paramount importance.

"As a private entrepreneur, I can and I want to take the liberty to do exactly what I consider to be right and important, that means to satisfy our customers’ wishes and to brew the "beer of the Austrians" using Austrian raw materials."

— Dr. Heinrich Dieter Kiener, Stiegl-Eigentümer