Our hops come from local farmers from the Mühlviertel region


A cultivated plant steeped in history

The hops for our beer come from Austria’s Mühlviertel region

Stiegl aroma hops for our Stiegl-Pils.

Harvesting, drying and storing in the cold. We only additionally use refined Sapphire Hops for our Stiegl-Pils which lend our Pilsner beer the characteristic fine bitterness. Hop is a cultivated plant steeped in history.

Hop-growing regions have existed in Bohemia since the 8th century. Since the 12th century it has also been cultivated in the Upper Austrian Mühlviertel region.

The hops must be harvested at the end of August up to mid-September. Afterwards they are dried for six hours at 62 to 65 degrees.

To preserve the quality of the essential oils, at the Stieglbrauerei the hops are stored in a cold storage room at a temperature of four to six degrees and will only be opened immediately before they are processed. Only this way the hops lend our beer its incomparable flavour.