Barley with blue sky in the background.

Fair prices for local farmers

Stiegl obtains barley from the Lower Austrian Weinviertel region

Fair prices for local farmers

A fair price ensures that the Austrian barley farmers can make a good living rather than just scraping by. This is of paramount importance to Dr Kiener, manager of the Stieglbrauerei. Stiegl concluded an agreement with the producer group Zistersdorf (EGZ) that not only stipulates a guaranteed quantity of barley but also a fair price for the farmers. The Stieglbrauerei does its bit to safeguard the cultivation of barley for the years to come.

In the long term this agreement is a win-win situation for both partners. Stiegl ensures the availability of an important commodity from Austria and is not dependent on imports. For Stiegl this is an absolute necessity, as the private brewery brews its beer exclusively with Austrian raw materials.

"Our motto is ‘Quality before quantity‘. That’s why culinary indulgence has top priority."

— Dr. Heinrich Dieter Kiener

For the barley growers this co-operation is an incentive to continue growing barley instead of switching to maize as animal feed or rapeseed for biofuel.

Learn more by watching the following videos or listen to the comments of the people involved: