Landscape near Salzburg with chalet.

Local raw materials ensure sustainability

Hops, water, yeast and malt

A good beer should be brewed using only hops, water, malt and yeast.

This was already stipulated in the 1516 beer purity law. The Salzburg-based brewery gets its water from Salzburg’s landmark mountain, the Untersberg. Stiegl is very fortunate that the spring water from the Untersberg is noted for its outstanding quality and purity so that it can be used as it is drawn from the deep spring well.

Stiegl-Goldbräu glasses sitting on a barrel in the field.

The selection of any further raw materials to be used is a decision taken by the boss. Every year the owner of the brewery and the master brewer visit the fields to check the quality of the barley and hop before they are harvested.

Top quality beer can only be brewed if top quality raw materials are used.  To ensure this is the case Stiegl has, for years, worked in close collaboration with local farmers and laid out quality standards.

Stiegl obtains the malting barley from the Weinviertel region and also grows barley on its own organic farm in the Upper Austrian village of Wildshut. The hop comes from the Mühlviertel region. In order to brew exclusively with Austrian hops, Stiegl successfully agreed long-term buying agreements with hop growers from the Mühlviertel region.