The Stiegl brewery with rail transport


Stiegl travelling by train

Transport – Stiegl travelling by train

Each year about 17,500 tons of brewing malt are processed in the Stiegl brewery. Transporting this quantity by truck would be the equivalent of 1500 journeys.

"That’s why we made the decision to expand and modernise our railway connection as early as ten years ago."

— Dr. Heinrich Dieter Kiener

Stiegl invested more than one million euros to ensure that the majority of raw material deliveries can be transported by rail which is both more friendly to the environment and results in less traffic.  

The second transport-related sector is the delivery of the beer to restaurants and retail markets. It is distributed by a total of nine Stiegl-owned branches.

They are strategically spread all over Austria: in addition to the Salzburg-based headquarters and two additional branches in the province of Salzburg (Flachau, Bruck), there are warehouses in Upper Austria (Asten), in Tyrol (Inzing and Wörgl), in Styria (St. Stefan), in Lower Austria (Loosdorf) and, of course, in Vienna. The other provinces (Carinthia, Burgenland and Vorarlberg) are supplied by approximately 60 independent wholesalers.

The beer is delivered from Salzburg where it is possible to transport it by railway or otherwise by low emission trucks.