Water – from Salzburg’s landmark mountain


from Salzburg’s landmark mountain

Water - from Salzburg's landmark mountain

The pure, untreated spring water is drawn from a deep well at the foot of the nearby Untersberg, Salzburg’s landmark mountain, which stands at nearly 2000 metres.

"Those who take from nature should also give something back to nature in return."

— Stieglbrauerei

As far back as the 15th century, Salzburg’s Archbishops already appreciated the flavour of the water from the Untersberg. They had it delivered daily on horseback for the princely banqueting table.

The Untersberg is known for its spiritual force all over the world. On the occasion of his visit to Salzburg in 1992, the Dalai Lama dubbed the mystic mountain the ‘heart-chakra of Europe’.

The long-term success of a company depends also on the sense of responsibility towards the environment and human beings.  Therefore Stiegl’s corporate philosophy encompasses the careful use of natural resources and commodities.

Stiegl-Goldbräu in flowing spring water.

Water, the elixir of life, is of great significance. After all, this precious commodity is a basic prerequisite for excellent beer.

To make sure that there is a sufficient supply of high-quality water for generations to come, Stiegl uses state-of-the-art technology to avoid wasting this precious commodity. Furthermore Stiegl takes preventative measures to protect the water.

With its commitment to the ‘Neptun Wasserpreis’ competition, Stiegl wants to support initiatives that encourage sustainability and contribute to the protection of this precious commodity.