Stiegl sustainability spring water from the Untersberg mountain.

Responsibility for the environment

Responsible use of resources and raw materials

A brewery is heavily dependent on a clean and pristine environment unlike hardly any other company. All ingredients that are required for brewing are provided by nature and are therefore susceptible to environmental influence. The higher the quality of the raw materials, the better and healthier the final product naturally is.

"I have a vision of an ecological recycling management system which is strongly influenced by give-and-take."

— Dr. Heinrich Dieter Kiener

That’s why Stiegl, long before the onset of discussions about climate change, has been dedicated to a responsible use of resources and raw materials.

The Stiegl environmental report has already existed since 1990 and a host of co-operations such as the National Park Hohe Tauern, the ‘Haus der Natur’ (museum of natural science) in the City of Salzburg or the ‘Alpenschutzverband’ (association for the protection of the Alps) are a testimony to a commitment to environmental issues. In 2000, Stiegl concluded a GMO-Free agreement with all suppliers of raw materials which is monitored by Global 2000.

In 2008, Stiegl was awarded the ‘BIO AUSTRIA-Gütelsiegel’ (quality seal for organic products) for the Stiegl-Paracelsus-Zwickl, which consists of hundred per cent organic Austrian ingredients, and the organic beer vinegar. Since December 2008 the Stieglbrauerei has been a member of the climate alliance.

Moreover, in the past 20 years major investments were made to modernise the brewery with an environmental approach in order to lower costs for energy and raw materials.

Stiegl-Goldbräu glasses sitting on a barrel in a field.

Dr. Heinrich Dieter Kiener, Stiegl owner:

"In my opinion, the economy requires a change in mindset. We take raw materials like water and corn from nature and we should also give something back to nature in return. I have a vision of ecological cycles which are strongly influenced by give-and-take."