Large orchestra at the Domplatz in Salzburg.

Commitment to art and culture

Art on bottles

Commitment to art and culture

With the slogan ‘The art of craft brewing at its highest level’, Stiegl expresses the optimal synergy between art and brewing, which is a recurrent theme through the different areas of the company. For example Austria’s largest private brewery has cooperated with the University for Applied Art in Vienna since 2003.

Young upcoming artists create works of art for the labels of the Stiegl Art of Brewing edition, a limited edition beer produced annually for the bar and restaurant scene, for collectors and also for beer lovers interested in art who like to have something special.

Stiegl-Goldbräu on the counter with foamy head.

In keeping with the motto ‘The art of craft brewing at its highest level’, the private brewery supports a broad spectrum of art and cultural events: From the very beginning Stiegl has been a partner of the Salzburg Jazz Autumn, which is one of the top international events of the cultural scene.

Traditional Salzburg events such as the May Pole Celebration, Ruperti Day, Salzburg Advent Singing and the Salzburg Street Theatre are fixed dates in the Stiegl event calendar.