Football team with many Stiegl flags


Promotion of football in Austria

As with football, beer is more than pleasure and enjoyment of life

Beer and football have been inseparably united since time immemorial. Then as well as today, a cold beer is seen as an essential part of a football game.

Footballer with a branded Stiegl-board in the background

That is why we have supported the national team as a partner of the Austrian Football Association, which is the football home of every Austrian. Since 2003, we have increased our cooperation with the Austrian Football Association and we are now their main sponsor. 

Beer is more than pleasure and enjoyment of life, as it is an important component for every (football) sportsperson. The high water content in beer provides important nutrients and minerals as well as vitamins, which are lost through sweat.

Professionals and amateurs swear on it and therefore enjoy a cold Stiegl or one of the fruity shandies after sport.