Stiegl beer menu bottle Geuze Mariage Parfait.

Geuze Mariage Parfait

Geuze is a Belgian beer speciality made by blending a year-old young beer with a lambic beer that has matured in the barrel for three years. This beer is fermented without any pure culture yeast. In addition to the yeast typical of the Belgian region, bacteria also find their way into the brew during the spontaneous fermentation process, giving it that typical note of lactic and acetic acid.

Musty scents of sour apple and citrus tickle the nose. The first impression on the palate is slightly acidic and reminiscent of apple cider. The flavour is slightly malty and accompanied by graceful notes of oak barrel; the Champagne-like effervescence is refreshing. Dry in the finish, this beer leaves behind a fruity, effervescent impression.

Alcohol content: 
8,00% vol
Type of beer: 
Tips for drinking beer: 
Ideal serving temperature 6-10°C
Spontaneously fermented
Alcohol: 4
Flavour: 4
Bitterness: 1
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