Bottle of Noir de Dottignies.

Noir de Dottignies

After ten years in the beverage business and having gained experience as an amateur brewer, Nino Bacelle decides in 1994 that the time has come to brew a beer of his own. But it is not until he encounters Guido Devos that the De Ranke brewery comes into existence. The name translates as The Tendril and calls to mind the hop tendrils, one of beer’s most important ingredients. Eleven years as a guest brewer at Deca are at last followed by a proprietary brewery in 2005.

This dark-coloured “noire” beer speciality stands out through its balanced taste. The first impression on the palate is full-bodied and dominated by a malty sweetness reminiscent of molasses. The finish is warmly alcoholic with a distinctive hop note.

Alcohol content: 
8,50% vol
Type of beer: 
Belgium Strong Ale
Alcohol: 4
Flavour: 4
Bitterness: 3
Price0,33 L5,50 €
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