Bottle of Koyt Gruitbier.

Koyt Gruitbier

This herb beer is the result of the revival of a mediaeval beer style from Haarlem (Holland) that is brewed in accordance with the Brewers' Statutes of 1407. Back in the day the recipe was watched over by the town council.

This reddish-brown beer speciality has an acerbic character with fragrances of eucalyptus and mint accompanied by discreet malt aromas. Its acerbic taste is highly complex and soft with references to sweet malt, herbs and liquorice and a surprising, pleasantly resinous finish. Unusual and interesting!

Alcohol content: 
8,50% vol
Type of beer: 
Strong Gruit Beer (Kräuterbier)
Alcohol: 4
Flavour: 3
Bitterness: 1
Price0,33 L5,60 €
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