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La Trappe Quadrupel

The glass emits reddish brown sparkles and is topped off with a stable head of foam. The aromatic malty flavours, complemented by fruity notes of sherry and plums, tickle the nose. The initial strong, tangy taste soon gives way to a herbal taste but without becoming bitter. The velvety smooth finish is accompanied by alcoholic notes.  

Alcohol content: 
10,00% vol
Gravity in °Plato: 
water, Barley malt, hops, yeast
Type of beer: 
Tips for drinking beer: 
Ideal serving temperature 10 – 14°C
Alcohol: 5
Flavour: 4
Bitterness: 3
Price0,33 L4,40 €
Bottle of Koyt Gruitbier.

Koyt Gruitbier

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Price0,33 L5,60 €