Bottle of coco d'or.

Coco d'Or

The end product of an elaborate brewing process during which no less than three different types of yeast are fermented and matured, among them the wheat beer yeast and noble Champagne yeast, is a fruity-acerbic taste experience never tasted before. In a private vinification plant nearby, the beer wort is painstakingly refined with wine yeast in a traditional process before the finished beer speciality is filled into sparkling wine bottles.

Lustrous amber in colour, Coco d‘Or first develops its true character on the tongue. Notes of wild honey, sour apple, figs and ripe banana. An incomparably fruity and full-bodied taste experience.

Alcohol content: 
8,00% vol
Type of beer: 
creative beer
Alcohol: 4
Flavour: 3
Bitterness: 1
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