B-Space Invader of Toccalmatto.

B-Space Invader

The brewery in Fidenza, located close to the city of Parma in northern Italy, has been producing beers since 2008 and meanwhile exports them as far as the United States. Toccalmatto is name of the small brewery owned by Bruno Carilli that has made a name for itself in particular with dry brewed English styles. Naturally, there are a couple of minor and major adaptations with regard to ingredients and brewing method that make these beers truly unique.

The beer stands out through its jet black colour and compact, cream-coloured head. On the palate the first impression is of dried fruits, liquorice and coffee accompanied by a wonderful hop bouquet on the nose. The taste of dark caramel and toffee round of the experience.

Alcohol content: 
6,30% vol
Type of beer: 
Black IPA
Tips for drinking beer: 
Alcohol: 3
Flavour: 4
Bitterness: 4
Price0,33 L7,30 €
Stiegl beer menu bottle Riserva Speciale.

Riserva Speciale

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Price0,75 L23,00 €