Bottle of Nursia Extra.

Nursia Extra

Nursia Extra Beer, named after the monk Benedikt of Nursia who lived around 480 A.D., is brewed at the Cistercian abbey of Monte Cassino by Bro. Francis Davorens. Although "merely" an abbey beer it can certainly stand its ground in a comparison with a Rochefort or Quadrupel.

The use of dark malts and rock sugar give this beer its full-bodied character. With malt aromas of caramel and honey accompanied by the fragrance of dried fruit, it is reminiscent of fruits preserved in rum and sugar. Available only in the USA until 1980, this beer is now also available here and is doubtlessly one of the top beers among the newcomers.

Alcohol content: 
10,00% vol
Type of beer: 
Abtei Dubbel
Alcohol: 5
Flavour: 4
Bitterness: 2
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