Beer fridge at Stiegl-Maschinenhaus.


Comfortably round off the evening

The Maschinenhaus restaurant at Stiegl Brauwelt gets a new gleam

The newly designed Maschinenhaus is Salzburg's hottest stomping ground for beer lovers. Whether a creative beer cocktail, an international beer speciality or a traditional Stiegl beer, there is certainly something for everyone to enjoy thanks to our wide selection and generously stocked 'beer fridge'.

The new meeting place for beer buffs is open from Tuesday to Saturday, 6 pm to 12 am. In addition to the wonderful variety of beers and culinary delicacies, the Maschinenhaus also obliges guests with a large flatscreen TV and a projector - excellent value for money for our visiting sports fans!

Rent a room now without any obligation.

A variety of beers on a wooden board in the Stiegl-Maschinenhaus.

"Tradition and progress – since the foundation of the Stieglbrauerei these two buzzwords have always been inextricably intertwined."

— Dr. Heinrich Dieter Kiener
Stiegl-Maschinenhaus at it's open bottle day.

Our goal is to open the doors to a wide spectrum of beer varieties both from Austria and abroad. Furthermore, one of our beer sommeliers is always on hand to answer any questions on request. 

Regarding this evolution in drinking enjoyment, it goes without saying that the food part of the equation must be equally first-rate. And so emerged the idea for 'Maschinenhaus Snacks' - little delicacies that underscore the quality of your beverage and demonstrate the culinary side of the hottest new venue in town.