Stiegl Brauwelt brewing process group with copper

Beer seminar

A tasting journey through the world of beer.

Beer seminar

Together with the Stiegl master brewer you experience a fascinating tasting journey through the world of beer. Becoming a beer expert is fun and also involves a great deal of special knowledge. You also cast a look over the borders at the beer traditions of other countries.

The seminar participants also have the possibility to taste and analyse many different international beers. A great insight is also given into the past and present of brewing as well as the individual steps of the brewing process.

Stiegl tasting cellar with different beer varieties.


1 – 1.15 pm welcome by the master brewer and a complimentary beer
1.15 – 2.30 pm tour of the Stiegl Brauwelt
2.30 – 4 pm beer seminar and tasting of international varieties
4 – 4.45 pm snack
4.45 – 6 pm guide through production sites at the Stiegl Brewery in Salzburg
6 pm exclusive 5-course beer sampling menu
7.30 pm receive your beer connoisseur diploma


Stiegl Maschinenhaus board with delicacies and beers.

Services included

  • Welcome beer
  • Tour of the Stiegl Brewery World
  • Beer seminar and tasting of different international varieties
  • Tour through production sites at the Stiegl Brewery in Salzburg
  • Exclusive 5-course beer tasting menu
  • Beer connoisseur diploma and seminar documents
  • EUR 5 – taxi voucher
Stiegl Brauwelt Museum tour with guide.


Price 97.50 EUR per person
Duration whole day programme
Min. number of participants 15 people (max. 40 people)

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at  or +43 50 1492-1492

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