Stiegl Farm Wildshut

Austria’s 1st beer farm - a token of love for our beer

We are the first brewery in Austria to operate a practice organic farming and a circular economy here at the Stiegl Farm Wildshut, Austria’s 1st Brewery Farm. We nurture the soil, conduct research into the composition of humus, cultivate long-forgotten ancient grains (such as Alpine Pfauengerste barley and Laufener Landweizen wheat), which we malt ourselves (the only brewery in Austria to do so) and use them to brew our Wildshut beer specialities. We are more than happy to have people watch us as we work as it enables us to turn circular economy* into an experience. 

Austria’s “1st Beer Farm” was opened in 2012 around 30 kilometres north of the city of Salzburg – where Salzburg, Upper Austria and Bavaria come together.

A very special place of balance, enjoyment, knowledge and happiness – in short: a place of arrival and respite in our fast-paced, dynamic times – was created near the town of St. Pantaleon over a period of three years. This is where we very deliberately go “back to the roots” and take control of every step in the brewing process. You can find more information about Austria’s 1st Beer Farm under