Grain field

The best ingredients guarantee the best beer

A good beer consists exclusively of hops, water, yeast and malt, as defined in the purity law of 1516. We conclude long-term agreements with Austrian farmers to ensure the quality of our resources for years to come.

The soil is where all beer begins

The results for us are price stability and the certainty that we will get the resources for our beers in the quantity and quality we expect. Stiegl therefore not only helps to protect Austrian jobs, but also to keep transport routes as short as possible. That makes us a fair and valuable business partner.

We source our water from the region around the Salzburg Untersberg, Salzburg’s local mountain. The majority of our hops comes from the Mühlviertel region. Our malting barley comes from the Weinviertel region and from our own organic farm in Wildshut, where we cultivate long-forgotten ancient grain, malt it ourselves (no other Austrian brewery does that) and use it to concoct very special new beer types and brew works of art.