Unser Hopfen kommt von heimischen Bauern aus dem Mühlviertel

Hops - the “soul” of a beer

They give a beer its flavour, its pleasant bitterness, its refreshing character and make up the soul of every Stiegl beer: hops from the Mühlviertel region in Upper Austria. We make exclusive use of the hop cones of female plants. But hops have more to offer than aromatic properties. They also have a preserving effect and give the beer its foamy head as a completely natural foam stabiliser. Hops need to be harvested between the end of August and mid-September. They are subsequently dried for six hours at 62-65 degrees Celsius. To preserve the quality of the hops’ ethereal oils, we keep them in a refrigerated storeroom at four to six degrees Celsius and only open them immediately prior to processing. It is the only way the hops can give our beer its incomparable flavour.