Spring water from Untersberg

Purest spring water

from Salzburg’s Untersberg region

Water is not only the source of all life. It is also a very significant component of our beer specialities. After all, 92% of a Stiegl beer consists of water. And this is where we are naturally very fortunate, so to speak. That’s because we get our water directly from Salzburg’s Untersberg region and therefore from a very special, powerful source. The crystal-clear spring water has for centuries provided us not only with the purest quality, but also with a water hardness of approximately 10˚dH that is ideal for brewing.  The water’s high oxygen content, medium hardness and relatively low lime share are ideal preconditions for the best possible beer quality. “The taste of a beer depends significantly on the water used in the brewing process. Here in Salzburg, we are extremely fortunate to be able to use the water from the Untersberg mountain exactly as it is when it emerges from the ground. It is not conditioned or changed in any way”, explains chief master brewer Christian Pöpperl. “This special water is also the main reason why we will stick with our only brewing site in Salzburg. It also means we could never brew our beer anywhere else”, he says in conclusion.