Cornfield full of raw material.

Highest level of commitment

The higher the quality of the raw materials, the better and the more wholesome the end product. Stiegl has for many years placed a great emphasis on using these raw materials responsibly. The Stiegl environmental report, which has been published since 1990, which boasts many collaborations that testify to the brewery’s commitment to the environment.

Co-operation with the National Park ‘Hohe Tauern’ (project ‘Steinbock’)

"Our basic principles include taking responsibility for the welfare of mankind and nature.  What particularly pleases me is that with the ‘Steinbock’ project we will once more intensify our partnership with the National Park Hohe Tauern which has existed for almost 20 years. Actually, a clean, pristine environment is a prerequisite for such sensitive animals. The same applies to the ingredients of our Stiegl beers," comments Stiegl manager Dr Heinrich Dieter Kiener on the topic of commitment. As a tradition, the ‘Steinbock’ (Alpine ibex) also adorns the seasonally available beer speciality ‘Original Stieglbock’.

Co-operation with the ‘Haus der Natur‘ (project ‘Lebensader Salzach’ – Lifeline Salzach (Salzburg’s river)

In the ‘Haus der Natur’ (museum of natural science), there is a spectacular permanent exhibition dedicated to the Salzach. "Pure water is the basic prerequisite for prime beer. Therefore we promote awareness for this precious commodity," says Stiegl owner Heinrich Dieter Kiener, explaining the reason why the company supports this project.

Co-operation with the ‚Alpenschutzverband‘  (association for the protection of the Alps - project ‘Saubere Alpen’ – pristine Alps)

Not only does the ‘Purity law’ apply to Stiegl beer but also to the environment. That’s why Stiegl supports the clean-up campaign of the ‚Alpenschutzverband‘.

Joining the Austrian Climate Alliance

By joining the Austrian Climate Alliance in 2008, Stiegl has taken exemplary steps towards an ecological balance with reduced carbon dioxide emissions. Due to its preliminary efforts over the past decade, Stiegl passed the first test set out by the alliance with flying colours.

GMO-free agreement

Stiegl agreed GMO-free agreements with all its suppliers of raw materials which are monitored by Global 2000.

Organic certification by SLK

Stiegl was awarded the SLK (Salzburg’s agricultural control body) certification for the Stiegl-Paracelsus-Zwickl and the Stiegl house beers that are brewed at the experimental brewery of Stiegl-Brauwelt.


We are therefore very proud to bear the “Slow Brewing” seal of quality since 2013 - as one of just four breweries in all of Austria. Stiegl’s acceptance as a member of ‘Slow Brewing’, an association for prestigious breweries, was the next logical step in the brewery’s future.
"Honesty, fairness, responsibility, social commitment and tolerance play a vital role in our company. In short: we wish to place more emphasis on certain values," says Slow-Brewing manager Dr August Gresser, adding that Stiegl’s audit didn’t take long as the brewery fulfilled all of the admission criteria.

Dr Heinrich Dieter Kiener, Stiegl owner: "In my opinion, the economy requires a change in mindset. We take raw materials like water and grains from nature and we should also give something back to nature in return. I have a vision of an ecological recycling management system which is strongly influenced by give-and-take."