Logistics in pace with the times

Logistics drive the art of brewing to the highest level

Handling resources conscientiously is an important aspect of Stiegl’s corporate philosophy and we continuously work at improving processes and avoiding stagnation. Logistics and mobility play a major role in this regard. Here at Stiegl, we strive to design our work processes and transport routes as efficiently as possible and to keep emissions at the lowest possible level.

“As a 525-year-old company, we think in generations and probably have sustainability in our genes”

— Stiegl managing director Thomas Gerbl

That is why Stiegl was one of the very first companies to partner with the e-truck project launched by commercial vehicle manufacturer MAN headquartered in Steyr (Upper Austria) and the Council for Sustainable Logistics (CSL). Various studies have paved the road to series production. We are therefore pioneers in the field of e-mobility, as the private brewery is one of the first in the segment to have a vehicle of this type in its fleet. The e-truck will be used mainly for delivery tours to the city and is the perfect complement to Stiegl’s horse-drawn carriages with regard to CO2 neutrality. The electric motor has an output of 250 kW (equivalent to 320 bhp), a theoretical range of 200 kilometres and is completely emission-free. The noise reduction is also very significant in comparison to vehicles running on fossil fuels.

Stiegl’s horse and carriage

In addition to operating an e-truck, Stiegl also routinely harnesses horse to carriage. Our beer is still delivered by carriage to the Salzburg district of Maxglan. The Norik carthorses and the coachman are fixed components of Salzburg’s cityscape. We as a brewery deliver our beer emission-free in the traditional way.

Stiegl goes by train

The Stiegl brewery processes around 17,500 tonnes of brewing malt every year. Transporting this amount by road would mean an additional 1,500 truck journeys.