Tractor in the field

Long-standing relationships with local farmers

Stiegl brewery owner Dr. Kiener sets great store by ensuring farmers have a “healthy living wage” rather than simply “enough to survive”. An agreement reached with the Producer’s Association of Zistersdorf not only assures the purchase of a guaranteed quantity of barley, but also a fair price for the farmers. The Producer’s Association of Zistersdorf is a non-profit association established in the Weinviertel region in 1988. Its 300 or so member farmers, whose association is ISO-certified, have a particular affinity with environmentally friendly, naturalistic agriculture in the Pannonian climatic region. The farmer’s foremost intention is to raise the value of brewing barley - which, by the way, is classed as a “cultural asset” in the region.

The Stiegl brewery therefore directly contributes towards securing the cultivation of brewing barley in the future. The agreement is a win-win situation for both partners in the long-term. Stiegl has secured an important resource within Austria and does not need to rely on imports. This is essential to the private brewery as it brews its beers with Austrian ingredients. The cooperation is an incentive for barley farmers to continue cultivating their crops instead of switching to corn as animal feed or rape as an organic fuel additive.

“Our motto is »Quality Before Quantity«. That is precisely why enjoyment comes first and foremost.”

— Dr. Heinrich Dieter Kiener