Bottle of stiegl craft beer zuckergoscherl.


Smouldering ruby tones shine through in this rare Irish ale. Distinct caramel notes are imbued by floral hoppy tones. The delicately sparkling first sip presents a malty aroma and surprising dryness, leading you to a contrasting yet subtle bitterness. You are left with tantalising caramel and hoppy tones teasing the tongue.

Alcohol content: 
5,10% vol
Gravity in °Plato: 
water, organic barley malt, organic hops (Tettnanger), yeast (top-fermented – Nottingham Ale)
Type of beer: 
Toffee Red Ale
Tips for drinking beer: 
Ideal serving temperature 5 - 7°C
in selected catering establishments, in the Brewery Shop, beverage shops (Salzburg, Vienna) and online at
Available from/to: 
03/30/2016 to 07/19/2016
Alcohol: 2
Flavour: 3
Bitterness: 3
Product image Stiegl Faux Pas Framboise.

Faux Pas Framboise

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Stiegl beer specialty Faux Pas Framboise.

Faux Pas Framboise

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Bottle of stiegl craft beer gipfelstürmer.


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Bottle of Kiesbye's Waldbier 2016.

Kiesbye’s Waldbier 2016: Wacholder

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Bottle of Honey Beer of Rieder brewery.

Rieder Honey Beer

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Product description of the 2014 Edition Beer, "Ferdinand"

Stiegl's 2014 Edition Beer: "Ferdinand"

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Stiegl-Columbus 1492.

Stiegl-Columbus 1492 Pale Ale

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Stiegl Goldbräu with label and glass.


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Glass of Stiegl-Max Glaner's IPA.

Stiegl-Max Glaner's IPA

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 Gebinde Produktreferenz Erhältlich Anhänge

Stiegl-Max Glaner's WIT

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Stiegl-Radler Lemon naturally cloudy

Stiegl-Radler Lemon naturally cloudy

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Product description Individual bottle Stiegl 2015 Brewers' Art Wildlife Edition

The Stiegl 2015 Brewers' Art Wildlife Edition

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Bottle of Wermutströpferl.


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