Stiegl-Goldbräu glasses with a head of foam.

Stiegl exports

A slice of Austria for the world

Stiegl exports

Since its relocation to the present headquarters in Salzburg-Maxglan in 1863, the Stiegl brewery has developed into Austria’s largest private brewery. The reasons usually cited by the Stiegl owners for their resounding success are an uncompromising approach to quality and considerable expertise in brewing. 

Stiegl brew house with horse-drawn carriage.

"We are authentic, do not disguise anything and preserve our traditions without forgetting that we should also look into the future."

— Dr. Heinrich Dieter Kiener

Today Stiegl is not only one of Austria’s best known brand names but it is also well known abroad for its art of craft brewing at its highest level. Meanwhile there are official export partners in 12 countries, which supply the local shops and restaurants with Stiegl beer, thus spreading a slice of Austria to the world.

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