Produktbild Wildshuter Urbier JG 18

Wildshuter Urbier JG 18

Matured in Georgian kvevris, this beer is as unique as its place of origin. Brewed from ancient Wildshut grain, this ancient brew was fermented in the open air in hand-thrown clay amphorae. The addition of honey, dates and spices led to the creation of a beer that was probably enjoyed 5,000 years ago: a vivacious, citrus-herb aroma and the appealing interplay between a lively acidity, a pronounced dryness and a champagne-like effervescence still surprise the palate, tongue and throat to this day.

Alcohol content: 
10,20% vol
Gravity in °Plato: 
Alcohol: 5
Flavour: 5
Bitterness: 1
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