Stiegl flags on show at the stadium

From Salzburg for Austria

Our bond with the country in which we have grown is in our eyes both a mandate and a commitment. Focusing our sponsoring activities on Austrian topics is a matter of course. We sponsor teams, events and initiatives that are as deeply rooted in this country as we are. It is our way of giving back something to the homeland we owe so much to. And, because we value constancy, we set great store by long-standing, dependable partnerships.

Our national football team

Beer and football are the perfect match

Regardless of whom Austria’s national team competes against, no matter who plays in the Austrian Cup final and wherever Austria’s Super Eagles set new records in ski jumping, the red-and-white Stiegl flags are always a big part of the picture – on location and on TV. That said, we do more than sponsor top flight sports as an official sponsor of the Austrian Football Association (ÖFB) and Austrian Ski Association (ÖSV): we also sponsor championships in many endurance sports such as cycling, running and ski tours. Our isotonic beverage Stiegl Sport Weisse  is a permanent fixture of the most prestigious discipline, namely the Ironman Austria.

The Wildshut Concert Picnic

The ART of brewing at its highest level

Take your time, enjoy with deliberation, let the effect unfold. Art and beer are the perfect team when it comes to creating a splash more joie de vivre. Regional culture and creativity are of paramount importance to maintaining identity. Our slogan “The art of brewing at its highest level” is our way of emphasising the perfect interplay between art and brewing. That is why sponsoring Austrian creativity is a major concern to us. We are a dependable partner of the Salzburg Festival and “Jazz and the City”, one of the largest jazz festivals in Austria, as well as the Salzburger Bauernherbst festival, the Dult fair and the St. Rupert’s Day fair alongside our own initiatives such as the Wildshut Concert Picnic.