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Deeply rooted in this country, in which our business has grown, we also propagate the values, traditions, and cultural features. This connection is equally a task and an obligation to take our social responsibility seriously. So, it’s self-evident to us, that we as a family business work with Austrian themes in sponsoring.

For many years, the Stiegl Brewery has supported sports teams, cultural events, and social initiatives that characterize Salzburg and Austria. And since consistency is important to us in all business areas, we as a sponsor place great value on long-term partnerships.

Support without counterdemands

unites us

Genuine commitment is the ingredient that the company from Salzburg uses both as a sponsor and to promote social organizations. We quietly support selected projects without any reciprocal action. Through know-how, donations in kind, sponsored meals from the Stiegl Brauwelt kitchen, or financial means.

Whether for cultural or sporting initiatives,
in social commitments or classic advertising,
whether as main sponsor or co-sponsor:
Our Stieglers are eager to receive your sponsoring queries.

Diverse sponsorship portfolio

For sustainable
sponsoring projects

Generally, in all Stiegl sponsoring
projects, the focus lies on mutual goals
for a win-win situation for all participants,
ensuring long-term partnerships.

Stiegl is sport

We are the
12th man

For anyone the Austrian national team lines up against and whoever plays in the Austrian Cup: We are the 12th man. For over two decades, our brewery has gone through thick and thin with the red-white-red national football team.

And before Austria’s super eagles set new standards with their ski jumping performances, the Stiegl banner has been keeping the take-off clear since 2008. The athletes are welcomed at the landing area by a red-white-red Stiegl banner, creating goosebumps on site, on TV, and in the winners’ photos.

Stiegl Sponsoring

Culture on many levels

The Art of Brewing at
Its Highest Level

Take time, consciously enjoy, let it happen: The enjoyment of art and beer form a perfect symbiosis, mutually ensuring more joy in your life. After all, our domestic culture and creativity are decisive for preserving identity. With our slogan – “The Art of Brewing at Its Highest Level” – we would like to highlight the optimal interplay between art and brewing. That’s why it’s of great concern to our culturally inclined owner family Kiener to promote creativity in this country by sponsoring culture at all levels.

Long-standing loyalty

Support with a smile

For over a decade, Stiegl
has been campaigning for the
High Tauern National Park,
the largest national park in Central Europe.

Stiegl on stage

drinks Stiegl

When the annual premiere of Hofmannsthal’s play Jedermann (Everyman) is celebrated with thundering applause as a highlight of the Salzburg Festival, the Stiegl barrel tap is part of the good old tradition. For over a decade, “everyone,” with their “longing” for a grand death, treats themselves to a glass of the golden hoppy nectar from our private brewery. As a trusted partner of the internationally renowned performances – such

as “Jazz and the City” – as well as in regional sponsoring of the Salzburg Harvest Festival, the Salzburg Christkindlmarkt, the Dult, or the Rupertikirtag in the Salzburg Old Town, we promote cultural identity. Likewise with our own projects, such as the Wildshut Concert Picnic at our Stiegl-Gut Wildshut. With this wide-ranging support, our brewery reaches various target groups while simultaneously strengthening the brand.

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Taking part is everything

Vancouver, Rio, Tokyo, … we are there and a proud partner of the Austrian Olympic Committee. Because red-white-red medals must be duly celebrated.

Aside from the official sport sponsoring of major events, the Stiegl Brewery from Salzburg also naturally supports smaller events and associations. Among these are endurance sports such as cycling, running, or ski mountaineering. It almost goes without saying that our beer specialty Stiegl Sport-Weisse is a starting-line isotonic drink.

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