100% corporately unaffiliated

Österreichische Privatbrauerei

100% corporately unaffiliated

Enjoy the art
of local brewing

For a growing number of consumers in the beer country of Austria, it is important when making purchase decisions to keep a maximum amount of value creation inside the country. This is achieved by choosing beer from independent, private breweries from Austria.

In common with other private breweries, the Stiegl Brewery of Salzburg also has also launched the “Österreichische Privatbrauerei” initiative (Austrian private brewery) under the motto “always corporately unaffiliated.” The seal of origin makes it clear who’s behind the beer.


Enjoy brewing
steeped in tradition
instead of monocultural brewing

Ultimately, private breweries are the backbone of the Austrian brewing industry. Instead of thinking about maximizing the profits of foreign corporations, here we think in terms of generations. The independent private breweries – like Stiegl Brewery – brew individual and independent beers according to traditional recipes and based on the personal taste of each master brewer. Unique, genuine, and regional.

That allows these private breweries to protect the beer diversity that has been thriving in our country for generations.

With the “Österreichische Privatbrauerei”
seal of origin, we want to make it clear from
a single glance at the labels of our Stiegl
beer specialties that these products are brewed
with the art of brewing from Austrian private breweries.

Savour with confidence

Stiegl stands for

So that our consumers
can enjoy them
with a good conscience.
No more, no less.

Regional diversity

Shared values
for the good of beer culture

And this regional diversity of the private breweries of Austria is impressive. Alongside the Stiegl Brewery around Heinrich Dieter Kiener, the following have also joined the association: Ottakringer Brauerei from Vienna as well as the mid-sized CulturBrauer around the brewing collective in Freistadt and the Brauerei Schloss Eggenberg (both in Upper Austria), the private brewery Hirt from Carinthia, the Mohrenbrauerei in Vorarlberg, the Brauerei Murau from Steiermark, the Trumer private brewery around Josef Sigl from Salzburg, as well as both beer the Schrems and Zwettl breweries from Lower Austria.

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