Stiegl beer in the grain field

The strictest quality seal in the world for our beer

An old saying tells us that “good things take time”, and that naturally applies to good beer! That is why we give our beers the time they need to mature. It is our clear and conscious decision in favour of quality and against production pressure and haste. The result is Stiegl beer specialities made with the best ingredients and real brewing craftsmanship and characterised by outstanding taste and enjoyment with a clear conscience. We are therefore very proud to bear the “Slow Brewing” seal of quality since 2013 - as one of just four breweries in all of Austria. Before it bestows the award, Slow Brewing checks the quality not only of the beer itself, but also of the brewery that produces it. Its discerning demands, the depth and frequency of inspections and the scientific approach are unique in the international beer market.