Stiegl-Kreativ Bio Hausbier Rosamunde

Bold beer enjoyment in the summer

In the glass, this sour beer is a revelation with its captivating red hue. Native to Berlin, the beer style is characterised by the addition of lactic acid cultures. The extremely subtle acidity in aroma and taste that this creates is a flavourful enrichment. Delightfully rounded off with the addition of real freeze-dried raspberries, the tangy summery refreshment is complete. The finish with irresistibly fresh and fruity notes leaves you yearning for the next sip.

Available: May- August

Alcohol content5,0% vol

Original gravity11,8°

IngredientsWasser, Bio-Gerstenmalz, Bio-Weizenmalz, Bio-Himbeerpüree, Bio-Hopfen, Hefe

Beer typeBerlin-style raspberry wheat beer

FermentationTop- fermented with lactic acid cultures




20 L

Nutrients per 100 ml

Energy68 kcal / 285 kJ

Fitting glass

Allergen information
Alle angeführten Biere und Braulimonaden enthalten glutenhaltige Getreide und glutenhaltige Getreideerzeugnisse.


Our food recommendations
As an aperitif, fresh summer salad, lemon sorbet , "Buchteln" sweet yeast rolls with vanilla sauce

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