Wildshut Bio Antique

Wildshut Bio Antique JG23

Matured in Georgian Kvevris.

Très historique, the Antique reveals its primitive origins and its maturation period in hand-potted Kvevris first and foremost with light opalescence in the glass. Bright citrus notes and nuanced wild yeast aromas set the tone, honey, dates, spices adorn the sensory perception. Unique is the flavourful freshness with elegant acidity, virtuosic the aromatic herbal and spicy tonality from the nose to the dry finish. Surprising for taste, tongue and throat.

Wildshut, a declaration of love to our beer. More information at wildshut.at

Alcohol content9,0% vol

Original gravity20,0°

IngredientsWater, organic barley malt, organic spelt wheat mal, organic wheat malt, organic honey, organic dates, organ-ic yarrow, organic coriander, organ-ic anise, organic saffron, yeast

Beer typeCreative beer

Fermentation Mixed culture






Allergen information
All listed beers and brewing lemonades contain gluten-containing cereals and gluten-containing cereal products


Our food recommendations
As an aperitif, mature cheeses, orange parfait, as a digestif

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