Stiegl brewing house with horse-drawn carriage.

The award proves us right

Logo des Gütesiegels Slow Brewing

The Slow Brewing seal of quality has the strictest award criteria of the entire international beer market. Strict and regular inspections by independent experts apply not only to the taste but also to the entire production process. The fact that we are “Slow Brewers” is actually a matter of course: after all, we have long since lived by the principles that define the objective of Slow Brewing. We resolutely reject the haste of our times. The Slow Brewing seal of quality is the consumer’s guarantee that he has a qualitatively superior product in his hands that he can enjoy with a clear conscience. Of course, our beers have always carried this guarantee, but is nonetheless good to be the recipient of an award for quality and workmanship that covers every aspect from raw material to finished product. Routine verification by external experts provides additional certainty.