Interior of the Stieglbräu Innsbruck

Stieglbräu Innsbruck

No doubt you have already visited the Goldene Dachl (the Golden Roof is Innsbruck’s most famous landmark) in Innsbruck. What about the ‘Weiße Dachl’ (White Roof)? Never seen it before? Then you have come to the right place. It’s the fluffy white head of foam sitting on top of our beer in Innsbruck that we have lovingly dubbed ‘Weißes Dachl’. Though it is not a landmark of Innsbruck, it is well-worth a visit to enjoy a beer. With the Stieglbräu we brought a tiny bit of the Salzburg art of brewing to Innsbruck. Come and indulge yourself in an assortment of gourmet treats from our traditional cuisine. 

The meals are complemented by a warm, cosy ambience. Not only is the food a feast for the eyes but also the lovingly furnished premises of the Stieglbräu. As we place great emphasis on locally sourced food, we only use regional ingredients for cooking. Therefore you always get a slice of local culture on your plate. It goes without saying that you need a drink to match the culinary delights tickling your taste buds. What is better suited to accompanying a meal in the Stieglbräu than a refreshing glass of beer? 

Our beer tasting menu features mouth-watering delicacies varying from month to month. Whether you just pop in for a beer or reserve premises in the Stieglbräu to celebrate a special occasion, we will always be pleased to see you. Innsbruck aims to show you hospitality at its best. 


Family Steger
Wilhelm-Greil-Straße 25, 6020 Innsbruck
Tel.: +43 512 / 57 53 10