Wildshut Bio-Whisky

The Wildshut organic whisky “No. 12” Urgetreide Single Malt is distilled purely by hand at the Stiegl estate Wildshut and is allowed to mature for over five years in toasted oak casks. Peated malt from old barley varieties and up to 12,000-year-old water from our own spring ensure that woody, peaty tones harmoniously combine with a strong body – peppered with vanilla and forest honey.

Wildshut Bio Hopfen-Gin

Only the finest, hand-picked ingredients create an intense gin aroma. Noble organic aromatic hops give Wildshut Hopfen-Gin its special, richly nuanced note. The aroma is characterised by juniper, hops, lemon and mountain pine.

Wildshut Bio Edelbrand

Distilled with love and care from the original grain beer “Wildshut Sortenspiel”, this brilliantly clear beer brandy represents the revival of an old tradition. The interplay of subtle malt notes with fruity, top-fermented yeast tones unfolds a complex range of aromas. The spirit leaves a soft and rounded flavour experience on the palette.

Wildshut Bio Urbierbrand

The combination of traditional brewing methods with remarkable raw ingredients, maturation in hand-potted Georgian amphorae and artisanal distilling has produced an exceptional brandy with a unique aroma, which is as special as the place where Wildshut Urbier was brewed.

Sonnenkönig VI.

Magnificent hazelnut brown with fine opalescence, delicate foam crown, opulent bouquet with whisky tones, caramel, overripe banana and vanilla, strong first sip, warming with oak notes, delicate bitterness and light forest-honey sweetness, multi-layered with impressive, elegant and impressively long finish.

Stiegl-Hausbierbrand Lucia

The honey beer brandy “Lucia” was distilled from the popular Stiegl house beer “Christkindl” by hand at the Stiegl estate Wildshut. The high-proof organic speciality scores with its harmonious character, the typical malty-spicy beer aroma and the hints of honey, caramel and vanilla.

Stiegl-Hausbier Hopfenlager

All-natural and unfiltered in a sunny blonde colour and dense foamy head. An unmistakable aroma of grassy, fruity hops with delicate malt tones. Harmoniously balanced and finely tart on the palate. Part by part, an accentuated hop flower with grassy and citrusy notes takes over. The fresh and joyful finish waves a hoppy goodbye.

Available: all year

Stiegl-Hausbier Almrausch

The aroma of the Alps. Brewed with a tincture of organic Swiss pine cones, this Zwickl promises a taste of home. The finest caramel malts lend the beer its reddish hue which is even more reminiscent of the Swiss pine, the Queen of the Alps. Whether it’s a snowy winter or a summer on the Alpine pasture, the bottom-fermented beer speciality evokes a walk in our mountain forests and imparts a feeling of wellbeing.

Available: all year


Stiegl-Kreativ Bio Hausbier Rosamunde

In the glass, this sour beer is a revelation with its captivating red hue. Native to Berlin, the beer style is characterised by the addition of lactic acid cultures. The extremely subtle acidity in aroma and taste that this creates is a flavourful enrichment. Delightfully rounded off with the addition of real freeze-dried raspberries, the tangy summery refreshment is complete. The finish with irresistibly fresh and fruity notes leaves you yearning for the next sip.

Available: May- August

Sonnenkönig VII.

Nobly shining amber, slightly opal, restrained foam, fruity aromas of banana, peach and dates, accompanied by a caramel-smoky heart note of rum, Scottish-like peat nuances in the first sip, velvety soft on the tongue, strong in character in the finish, with a delicate bitterness in the finale.