Bio Sonnenkönig Barrique JG 23

Dark wheat Doppelbock

À l’aurore a magnificent chestnut brown with a fine turbidity and a delicate foam head. The strong beer produced from Wildshut ancient grains is matured in freshly emptied whisky casks from Stiegl-Gut Wildshut and the Brennerei Guglhof distillery. An opulent nose with notes of whisky, peated malt, caramel, ripe banana and vanilla rises from the glass. A very dense, almost oily texture and a subdued effervescence dance on the palate and gradually reveal a honey-sweet robust body. The warming alcoholic notes create a multifaceted and complex explosion of flavours and an impressively long finish au crépuscule.

Wildshut, a declaration of love to our beer. More information at

Alcohol content10,5 % vol

Original gravity23°

IngredientsWasser, Bio-Weizenmalz, Bio-Gerstenmalz, Bio-Zucker, Bio-Hopfen, Hefe

Beer typeCreative beer, Dark wheat Doppelbock

Beer care10-12 °C im Stilglas

FermentationTop fermented





0,75 L

Allergen information
All listed beers and brewing lemonades contain gluten-containing cereals and gluten-containing cereal products

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