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Our footprints are something to be proud of, because each and every one of the steps we take is well thought through. Stiegl Wildshut brewery farm estate is the first of its kind worldwide, and serves as a ‘think tank’ for beer brewing in general, embedded within the entire cycle of production, from soil cultivation to crop harvesting, to the end product in a glass. In line with our efforts to use resources sparingly, the brewery estate explores ways in which we can do even better. We are open to new technologies, and always manage to find the optimal combination of tradition and modernity.

Save resources, create fair working conditions, take time, enjoy the diversity of nature, produce high-quality regional products.

We succeed in taking creative, open, and responsible action when it comes to the environment and society. At Wildshut, we take every step of brewing beer back into our own hands.

We take care of the soil and research how we can make it more fertile. We grow forgotten ancient grains that we malt ourselves on location and use to brew our distinctive Wildshut beers.

In addition to the sun, we also use the power of water, generating some of our own electricity in our very own small hydroelectric facility on the Salzburg Almkanal.


Nur ned hudeln.

That’s Austrian for “don’t be in such a hurry.” We focus on slow fermentation and careful maturation rather than fast brewing processes. That’s why we are one of only four breweries in Austria to bear the Slow Brewing seal of approval, one of the toughest quality seals in the international beer market, since 2013. We are a partner of Slow Food Salzburg because the Europe-wide slow food movement stands for

responsible agriculture, species-appropriate livestock farming, traditional food craftsmanship, and the preservation of regional flavor diversity. We still use carts drawn by Tiger Noriker horses to deliver our beer around our brewery in Salzburg. And because it is important to us to combine tradition and modernity,

we are also the first brewery in Austria to deliver our beer by electric truck. There are free EV charging stations for our own EVs as well as for visitors to Stiegl Brauwelt and the beer farm. To help us conserve resources, our employees receive regular fuel-saving training.

Cooperation with ARAplus

The separate collection and reuse of packaging by ARA AG saves the environment over 540,000 tons of CO2 per year; the equivalent of around 7% of the annual output of all cars licensed in Austria. Important activities aimed at keeping the environment clean include recycling, anti-littering and the collection of old and used substances and materials. To this end, Stiegl is cooperating with ARAplus to actively implement its own measures in these areas, and to encourage consumers* to become aware and suitably informed.

Cooperation with Hohe Tauern National Park

“Ibex” project
“Taking responsibility for people and nature is one of our fundamental principles. I am particularly pleased that the current alpine ibex project will allow us to, once again, reinforce our partnership with Hohe Tauern National Park, which began almost 20 years ago. Such sensitive animals need a clean, intact environment. And the same goes for the ingredients of our Stiegl beers,” says Stiegl owner Dr. Heinrich Dieter Kiener about the commitment. Incidentally, the ibex also traditionally adorns the “Original Stieglbock” seasonal Stiegl beer specialty.

Cooperation with Haus der Natur

“Salzach Lifeline” project
The Haus der Natur museum has dedicated a spectacular permanent exhibition to the Salzach. “Pure water is a basic prerequisite for the best beer. That’s why we want to raise awareness of this precious raw material,” says Stiegl owner Heinrich Dieter Kiener, explaining why the company supports this project.

Joining Climate Alliance Austria

By joining Climate Alliance Austria in 2008, Stiegl took an important step toward reducing its carbon footprint. Stiegl then faced the first audit required by the Climate Alliance statues on membership. Thanks to the positive achievements of the past decades, Stiegl passed with flying colors.

SALZBURG 2050 climate and energy strategy

The SALZBURG 2050 climate and energy strategy (Klima- und Energiestrategie SALZBURG 2050) was adopted by the state government back in 2012 and has since been regarded as the overarching strategy for the state of Salzburg’s climate and energy policy. Since Stiegl considers the proper handling of energy and thus the effects on the climate to be of great importance, Stiegl is a proud partner.

Sponsor of “Land schafft Leben”

The Land schafft Leben association gives consumers a clear and non-judgmental picture of how food is produced in Austria, how production takes place at the farms, how processing works, and how the finished product finally winds up in the grocery store. For consumers, the easy-to-understand and detailed information results in a new understanding of the interrelationships within food production and thus a higher value awareness for Austrian food. “Because Land schafft Leben reinforces authenticity in food production, promotes value awareness for Austrian raw materials, and acts completely impartially, we enthusiastically support this association. After all, the conscious use of natural resources and the preservation of our biodiversity for future generations is particularly close to our hearts here at Stiegl. At Stiegl-Gut Wildshut, Austria’s 1st beer farm, we consciously go back to the roots and take every step in the brewing process into our own hands, cultivating ancient grains that have fallen into oblivion, among other efforts. Regionality, the use of the best raw materials from an intact environment, variety, and the pleasure of enjoyment, but also the transparency of the individual production steps are essential cornerstones of our corporate philosophy,” says Stiegl owner Dr. Heinrich Dieter Kiener.

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