Slow Brewing

It takes time

The world’s toughest seal of approval for our beer

Slow brewing

There’s an old saying that goes, “Good things come to those who wait,” and this naturally applies to beer too. Therefore we give our beers the time they need to mature. We exclusively use raw ingredients that are fair and sustainably produced. This is our distinct decision regarding quality and productivity. This way, Stiegl beer specialties arise with genuine know-how backing brewing craftsmanship.

Consciously slow

Time factor for
beer quality

And what for? Through slow, careful brewing, we make a well-balanced beer with a particularly round and outstanding taste. To retain the complete aroma profile, slow brewers also quite consciously forgo subsequently diluting the beer. So we can enjoy the pure taste of natural raw ingredients with a good conscience.

Before it bestows the award, Slow Brewing checks the quality
not only of the beer itself with independent experts but also
of the brewery that produces it. The comprehensive demands,
the depth and frequency of the inspections, as well as the scientific
approach are unique in the international beer market.

Sustainable production

We have
high aspirations

Since 2013, we – as one of only four
outstanding breweries in all of Austria – have
been proud to display the “Slow Brewing” quality seal.

Quality Before Quantity

Good taste never

For more than 100 years, Stiegl Goldbräu has been brewed with 12-degree original gravity. The original gravity is an essential criterion for the taste of the beer. The higher the original gravity of the wort, the rounder, fuller, and smoother the body of the beer. That’s why we will never compromise on the original gravity, a key decision that can not only be tasted, but seen: Every glass of Stiegl Goldbräu, with its special, wonderfully golden color, brilliantly reflects this high quality.

“Quality, not quantity” is Stiegl’s motto. And with the exception of times of crisis like World War II, Stiegl Goldbräu has always been brewed with a full 12-degree original gravity since its market launch in 1912. That is by no means a matter of course since, according to European regulations, lager can also be brewed with less than 12-degree original gravity. Many breweries in Austria have reduced this, much to the detriment of quality. The benefits of lower original gravity: lower beer duty and lower production costs.

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