Stiegl-Goldbräu in the grain field

It pays to take your time

As a private brewery and family business, we are committed not only to numbers but also to the world we and our children live in. We have therefore invested a lot of time and effort in our own “beer farm”, the Stiegl Farm Wildshut, where we live by the principles of ecological circular economy: we try to give back to nature a lot of what we take from it, much in keeping with the motto “from field to glass and back to the field”.

Brewing our beers starts with the soil

We are convinced that healthy grain for outstanding beer can only grow in healthy soil. After all, Mother Earth is the defining prerequisite for the best grain and hops. That is why we experiment with making soil more fertile at our organic farm in Wildshut, where we cultivate ancient and long-forgotten types of grain. Our aim is to preserve historic knowledge and maintain biodiversity whilst cultivating the unique ingredients for our beers.

Master brewer Pöpperl and proprietor Dr. Kiener

We have always given our beer the time it needs

Alongside excellent raw materials and enthusiastic employees, good beer needs another vital ingredient: time! That is why we give our beer exactly the amount of time it needs to mature – it is, after all, time well-spent. The natural culmination of this uncompromising approach is “Slow Brewing”. “Slow Brewing” is the beer market’s independent seal of quality with the strictest award criteria and a guarantor of outstanding quality. Brewing each beer in consideration of strict criteria and advocating a fair cooperation with the producers of hops and barley has long since been a matter of honour for us here at Stiegl. We therefore consider the Slow Brewing seal of quality as a sign of confirmation for the path we have chosen.

 “It is by no means a coincidence that we are defined as a ‘Slow Brewer’. After all, we have long since lived by the principles behind the objective of Slow Brewing. We resolutely reject the hectic of our times.”

— Dr. Heinrich Dieter Kiener

The art of brewing at its highest level

Consumers can rest assured that they are holding a product of superior quality in their hands that they can enjoy with a clear conscience thanks to the Slow Brewing seal of quality. Of course, our beers have always carried this guarantee, but is nonetheless good to be the recipient of an award for quality and workmanship that covers every aspect from basic ingredients to finished product. Routine verification by external experts provides additional certainty. It is not by chance that we speak of brewing at its highest level.